Monday, 8 April 2013

Wing Dust Collections - 4 New Polishes

Today I have 4 new polishes from Wing Dust Collections and they do not disappoint.
I'm yet to come across one Wing Dust that I do not like, so without further ado I have Space Cadet. Firstly, umm hello it's black and glitter, what is not to love? This is a black/charcoal base with a light sprinkle of holo and blue iridescent hexes. This one applied so smoothly with 3 thin coats followed by one coat of Poshe. I apologise in advance as I had some issues with my Poshe fogging at the tips, I think I combated this buy applying some OPI Drying Drops. But there is some dulling at the tips on the pinky. I am very sorry for this, I feel like a bad swatcher.

Next up is Sleepless Summer Nights which is just an amazing mix of glitters that compliment each other so well, all set in a teal jelly base. There are silver hexes and stars, green hexes in various sizes, there is also brown hexes in various sizes along with a stunning pink shimmer.
I absolutely love this polish, Wing Dust I give you a massive round of applause for this one.
Here I have swatched Sleepless Summer Nights with 3 coats alone topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

Now I have Day Dreamer which is a dainty subdued polishes that is a soft silver metallic with a linear holo. This being said I also feel there is a hint of white jelly to this polish which helps soften the metallic finish. There are small hexes and squares in silver and white. 
I'm a big fan of Day Dreamer with 3 thin coats followed by one coat of Seche Vite.

Last up I have I Am Yours & You Are Mine, such a lovely name for a lovely raspberry pink polish. There is some fine holo, yellow hexes, pink hexes and some fine silver hexes.
A very pretty polish at 3 thin coats followed by one coat of Seche Vite.

Wing Dust Collections polishes are available through Llarowe and Etsy.



  1. Sleepless Summer Nights is sooo pretty! Love the star glitter in there and the deep jelly base, lovely swatches <3

  2. Ooh these are all *nice* but Space Cadet is outstanding!